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Cold Corrosion is a serious threat,
lubrication adjustment is a puzzle, is your vessel ready for it?

Cold corrosion is at its most serious in the latest engine designs. It also impacts earlier engine designs modified for part-load or low-load operation (known as ‘slow steaming’, where vessels may operate as low as 10% load). The choice of the right lubricant, of the right feed rate becomes a puzzle. At Opt-Max®, we believe that our customers should receive technical care relieving them from this lubrication riddle.

Opt-Max® users should have the opportunity to enjoy an appropriate well suited cylinder lubrication by using onboard blending and mixing systems. Specially formulated to work in tandem with onboard blending and mixing systems to realize the optimal balance between costs and reliability, Opt-Max® BoB concentrates include BoB 300 and Flexguard 140.

Opt-Max® BoB concentrates are uniquely formulated to blend effectively with your vessel in use system oil to produce a fit for purpose cylinder lubricant with a variable base number (BN40-120) in low speed cross-head diesel engines with the ultimate aim of combating cold corrosion.

Opt-Max® BoB concentrates has been used on more than 200 vessels and has shown remarkable engine improvements. Notably, BoB 300 has received validation from Win GD and Wärtsilä. Coupled with the SEA-Mate®; Blender, it has helped our customers:

  • Reduce their cylinder oil consumption by up to 40%.
  • Improve fuel savings of up to 1.5%.
  • Mitigation of cold corrosion.

At Opt-Max®, we believe that an all-round defense strategy should be deployed in combating the complex issue of cold corrosion in today’s lubrication world. Recognizing the need for tailored solutions for individual needs of engines, Opt-Max® Technical Care Services (TCS) are hence specially designed to complement Opt-Max products to address all lubrication concerns of ship owners.

Combats cold corrosion
Provides excellent cold corrosion protection by enhanced neutralization of acidic species.

Compatible with single-phase alkaline diesel cylinder lubricants commonly used in the international market

Variable BN (40-120)
Suitable for blending into cylinder oil with variable BN levels typically from 40 to 120.

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