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In the industry, we are defined by the core value of “ Integrity “ over the years. We are committed to yield and inculcate this value in the culture of the present and future generations.

We believe that the success of Opt-Max is driven by its investment on people. We are in continuous search for talented, capable and dedicated individuals to join our team.

The following job vacancies are currently available:

1. Business Development Executive / Manager (市场开发业务员/经理)

Job Descriptions:(工作职责:)

– Development and implementation of growth opportunities and strategies in lubricants and petroleum products.(规划与执行公司润滑油和其他石油化工产品的市场战略与计划)
– Setup and management of strategic relationships and alliances.(寻求战略合作伙伴与市场开发管理)
– Presentation and pitching; meticulous planning and proposal writings.(策划和提案)
– Project Management.(项目管理)
– Sales & Marketing.(品牌策划与营销)

Job Requirements:(要求:)

– Degree holder.(本科以上学历)
– Good command in English – Read/Write.(良好的英语读/写能力)
– Presentation and pitching; meticulous planning and proposal writings.(具备良好的沟通与表达能力)
– Dynamic and strong analytical skills.(具有良好的发散性思维和分析性思维)
– Travelling required.(能接受出差)
– At least 3 years of working experience in petroleum industry preferred (outstanding candidates from other industries with strong business development track records may be considered).(具有3年石油化工行业的工作经验者优先(拥有其他行业优秀业务发展经验者可考虑)

2. Sales Executive / Manager(业务员/销售经理)

Job Descriptions:(工作职责:)

– Identify and develop sales relationships with new, potential as well as existing customers.(维护现有客户及开发新市场)
– Create market awareness.(建立市场前瞻性)
– Participate in developing and executing marketing plans.(参与制定和执行市场营销计划)
– Maintain & provide weekly / monthly report to the management.(向管理团队呈报周/月报告)
– Improvement of operations in order to achieve cost effectiveness.(优化管理与业务流程,达到成本效益最大化)

Job Requirements:(要求:)

– Degree holder.(本科以上学历)
– Engineering background preferred.(拥有工程背景者优先考虑)
– Excellent communication skills.(具备良好的沟通和表达能力)
– Lube experience preferred (Candidates with strong sales experience may be considered).(拥有润滑油行业工作经验者优先考虑(应聘者具有较强的其他行业销售经验,可考虑)

3. Operations Executive/Manager(操作管理员/运营经理)

Job Descriptions:(工作职责:)

– To perform & handle procurement and inventory management.(负责执行和处理采购和库存管理)
– To perform & coordinate supply and delivery operations.(执行和协调供应管理)
– To perform & handle technical/engineering requisites in the operations.(负责协调和处理运营中的技术/工程需求)
– To perform & assist any other activities/tasks as assigned.(执行和协助其他活动/任务)

Job Requirements:(要求:)

– Degree holder.(本科以上学历)
– At least 3 years of working experience in lube supply / shipping line preferred.(拥有3年以上的润滑油供应/航运/物流的工作经验者优先考虑)
– Engineering background preferred.(有工程背景者优先考虑)
– Good command in English – Read/Write.(良好的英语读/写能力)

Please forward your application to our Human Resources Department at admin@opt-max.com