New Lubricating Challenges

Lubricating Challenges

Machinery lubrication in general and marine engines lubrication in particular has been evolving drastically during the last years. Indeed, the design specification of new engines has increased the stresses to be overcome by the lubricant. On the other side, the more and more stringent environmental regulations are creating new challenges for the lubricant which are supposed to be able to operate with a very broad range of operation and environmental conditions. For instance, in the shipping industry, the necessity of being able to operate in slow steaming mode as well as at high load, the necessity of operating with very large fuel Sulphur content (< 0.1 to 3.5%) makes that the cylinder lubricant has to be able to cope with drastically changing operation constraints (Temperatures, pressures, humidity, etc.).

In the same way, the system oil lubrication is facing challenges as the oil is not only used as a lubricating medium but also as an hydraulic medium. As a consequence, the way the lubricant is able to cope with all this stresses or the lubrication concept in place is of a paramount importance.

Our Opt-Max brand aims at allowing the implementation of various lubrication strategies in order to address today’s lubrication challenges in a reliable and cost effective way that is adapted to each customer need.