Mobile Lab

Opt-Max Mobile Lab

Opt-Max Mobile Laboratory is a user-friendly portable miniature lab designed for analysis of lubricants on site to give immediate analytical data for operational and maintenance decisions about the equipment.

Opt-Max Mobile Lab is a recommendation to detect early indications of potential equipment problems and prevent potential unscheduled downtime of equipment.

Below is a summary of test kits available for your different requirements.

Product Name Part Number Combination
Viscotube Water in Oil Cell Combined Water in Oil/ BN Cell Salt Test Insoluble AN Test Viscostick
WaVis Oil Test Kit OTC-CT-20001
Basic Oil Test Kit OTC-CT-20002
Engine Oil Test Kit OTC-CT-20003
Field Oil Test Kit OTC-CT-20004
Engine Oil Test Kit II OTC-CT-20005
Marine Oil Test Kit OTC-CT-20006
Hydraulic Oil Test Kit OTC-CT-20007
Water in Oil Cell Density Hydrometer Low Range Falling Ball Viscometer FREE Fatty Acid Test/ an Test Visual Test (Cleanliness)
Diesel Oil Test Kit OTC-CT-20008