Tribology Consulting Services

Opt-Max Tribology and Consulting Services

Tribology is the science of friction and wear. Lubrication of any machinery component is aimed at controlling/reducing or optimizing the friction and wear behavior of those components in addition of preserving them from physicochemical constraints from the operation and/or the environment.

Tribology as a techno-science targeting the understanding of the behavior of components surfaces and interfaces between mating parts, is therefore strongly linked with lubrication. At Opt-Max, we believe that Tribology is at the core for designing and recommending a proper lubrication system or a proper lubricant. Machinery or engine operators are often facing issues which are in connection with Tribology. It can be a seized pump, a scuffed piston, a ring with cold corrosion, a broken bearing, etc. In every case, the understanding of the root cause of the problem is of a paramount importance. Indeed, it gives the possibility to the operator to choose the most suitable lubricant and lubrication method. It also allows being able to improve the reliability and/or the costs by playing on design, operational or environmental parameters. We are proposing tribology consultancy services that aim at supporting, troubleshooting and training for every complex question related to the behavior of machinery and engine equipment. Our advisory services are based on an industrial approach. It means that we are combining theoretical depiction and understanding of the tribological system with experimental approach based both on our experience and on the performance of industrial grade lab and bench testing.


Below are the professional services available for consultancy, advisory, training programs and etc. including but not limited to:

Heavy Fuel Oil And Distillate Consultancy Services

  • HFO analysis support
  • Fuel oil analysis program development
  • Fuel equipment failure analysis
  • 2nd opinion advisory services

Tribology And Lubrication Consultancy Services

  • Tribology studies
  • Engine Lubricant oil analysis interpretation and development
  • Tribology training
  • Engine components forensic analysis
  • Failure analysis
  • Condition monitoring program development
  • R & D project support